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As interpreters, you devote most of your careers listening to and speaking for others. The Dean's List gives you the chance to listen to and speak for yourselves.

I'm Robyn Dean...

...and for over two decades, I have provided the framework and the platform for interpreters to speak confidently and in confidence about their interpreting practice. 

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I am often asked for more information about the topics I tend to lecture and write about. You can access some of those here:



We have over thirty publications. Link here to our most frequently requested publications.

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Free online videos on the basics of demand control schema and interpreting ethics. 

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A Practice Profession

What does it mean to call interpreting in community settings as practice profession?

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DC-S Textbook

There are several ways to access our DC-S textbook. You can buy it through Amazon or, if you buy directly from us, we will send you a free companion workbook.

From the book: The authors have been developing their influential demand control schema (DC-S) for over two decades. The DC-S textbook is designed to provide you with constructs and terminology that ultimately allow students, practitioners, educators, and researchers to have more holistic, efficient, and productive conversations about interpreting practice.


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